Incineration of liquid and solid waste is considered to be an environmentally friendly way of waste management. By sticking to our values of protecting the environment we have designed an eco-friendly waste management system using Induction heating technology.

ELTECH incinerators can be used to combust household waste, medical waste, slaughter waste, etc. instead of discharging it in a landfill. Furthermore, heat and energy can be recovered and incinerators can help avoid the open burning of municipal waste which creates much more harmful emissions and endangering human health and environment.


  • Hatchery Waste Management
  • Small Animal Waste Incinerator
  • Biomedical Waste Incinerator
  • Residential and Industrial Waste Disposal


  • Savings in process time, energy used, environment and manpower
  • Efficiency in heating element: 84%
  • Efficiency in delivered power: 90%
  • Less restriction in type of waste
  • Low possibility of dioxins generation
  • Automated systems having temperature accuracy of +/- 1% of the set temperature
  • Compact dimensions resulting in space saving and people friendly operations
  • Uniform heating achieved while maintaining higher temperature accuracy
  • Easy maintenance and service available locally
  • Reduction in carbon emission due to the elimination of fossil fuels
  • Substantial reduction in floor temperature
Fuel BurningInduction Heating
Rising cost of fuel day by day and big question mark for prices and availability after 5 years. Substantial rise in per unit cost
Contribute to Global WarmingGreen energy
More Energy loss Less Energy loss due to direct induction heating
Critical maintenanceEasy Maintenance and assured less breakdowns
Possibilities of accidentsZero possibilities of accidents
Fuel procurement and logistics that needs extra manpowerNo need to depend on any procurement process.
More Maintenance Downtime Less Maintenance Downtime : 1 Day
Need reservoirNo need of any flammable material reservoir

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