In the process of ELTECH’s Induction Hardening, each part is hardened separately with the induction hardening technology. Each part is heat-treated, quenched, and annealed (if necessary) separately. In addition to integration in the production line, the great advantages of induction hardening are precise control and reproducibility of hardening results. To achieve this, the entire hardening process from the inductor and the applied energy and frequency to quenching and annealing is specially adapted to the relevant workpiece. This yields excellent hardening results, even for workpieces with complex geometries.


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EasyHARD Static Series

  • EsayHARD 1KW
  • EsayHARD 2KW
  • EsayHARD 4KW
  • EsayHARD 6KW
  • EsayHARD 8KW
  • EsayHARD 10KW

EasyHARD Scanning Series

  • EasyHARD Vertical Scanner
  • EasyHARD Horizontal Scanner
ModelMax. FrequencyInput VoltageInput PhaseEfficiency %
EsayHARD 1KW230 V1 Phase
EsayHARD 2KW230 V1 Phase
EsayHARD 4KW400 V3 Phase
EsayHARD 6KW400 V3 Phase
EsayHARD 8KW400 V3 Phase
EsayHARD 10KW400 V3 Phase

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