ELTECH Induction Melting Furnace is designed for maximum electrical efficiency.Our furnaceis designed for each customer’s specific melting application, providing close temperature control and maximum efficiency. Furnaces can be designed for various purposes such as melting iron and steel, precious metals, ferrous and nonferrous metals; refining of high purity metal and alloys; smelting; and vacuum and controlled atmosphere melting.You can find the simple comparison between electric coil heating and Induction heating which itself makes much difference.


  • Saving in process time, energy used, environment and manpower
  • Automated systems having temperature accuracy of +/- 1% of the set temperature
  • Uniform heating achieved while maintaining higher temperature accuracy
  • Moisture-less heating resulting in increased crucible life and product quality
  • Compact dimensions resulting in space saving and people friendly operations
  • Easy maintenance and service available locally
  • Reduction in carbon emission due to the elimination of fossil fuels
  • Substantial reduction in shop-floor temperature


  • Ferrous metals melting furnace (Steel, Cast Iron)
  • Aluminium melting furnace
  • Copper melting furnace
  • Zinc melting furnace
  • Gold melting furnace
Electric CoilInduction Heating
Efficiency in heating element: 74%Efficiency in heating element: 84%
Efficiency in delivered power:55%Efficiency in delivered power:90%
Initial Heating time: 8-10 hrsInitial Heating time: 1-2 hrs
More Energy loss due to indirect heating Less Energy loss due to induction direct core heating (Energy Saving Minimum 35%)
Critical maintenances and frequent breakdowns: Coil breakingEasy Maintenances and assured less breakdowns: No coil Breaking
Rise in machine floor temperature Does not affect machine room temperature comparatively (Minimum 5˚C reduction in temperature)
Maintenance Downtime : 1 WeekMaintenance Downtime : 1 Day

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