ELTECH uses its induction heating technology for curing of tyres. It saves process time, loss of heat and labour cost. ELTECH is serving top brands in tyre industries in India.


  • Tyre curing process
  • Rubber sheet cutting


  • Easy maintenance and service available locally
  • Uniform heating achieved while maintaining higher temperature accuracy
  • Typically for R&D application a single machine can be operated during partial/maintenance shutdown
  • Compatible with existing tyre formation machine setup and easy installation with change only to be made in existing platen (Bottom-Top Plate)
  • Considerable saving in process time and energy used
  • Automated systems having temperature accuracy of +/- 1 degrees (Settable)
  • Compact dimensions resulting in space-saving
  • Reduction in carbon emission due to the elimination of fossil fuel-fired boilers
  • Reduction in shop-floor temperature due to absence of steam generated from boilers and only the object is heated and not the complete machine

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